Eyelash Extensions Tweezers

Eyelash Extensions Tweezers

Eyelash Extensions Tweezers (Angled)

Angled Isolation Tweezers are perfect for:

  • isolating natural lashes, even tiny baby lashes
  • picking up every thickness and length of classic eyelash extensions
  • separating any stickies

Slightly angled tweezers makes the isolation much easier than with a classic straight tweezers

  • Length: 13cm
  • Grabbing: 7mm
  • Colour: Silver


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Eyelash extension tweezers are essential tools for lash technicians and permanent makeup artists, providing precision and control during the application process. Here’s everything you need to know about these versatile tools.

What Are Eyelash Extension Tweezers Best For?

Eyelash extension tweezers are best known for:

  1. Isolating Natural Lashes: Tweezers like Angled Isolation Tweezers excel at isolating natural lashes, ensuring precise placement of extensions even on tiny baby lashes.
  2. Picking Up Extensions: These tweezers can effortlessly pick up extensions of various thicknesses and lengths, allowing for customizable lash designs and seamless application.
  3. Separating Stickies: They are effective at separating any stickies during the application process, ensuring a smooth and professional finish.

Common Questions About Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Q: How do I choose the right tweezers? A: Consider the type of extensions you’ll be working with and the grip and weight of the tweezers. Round tip tweezers like 2A-SA are ideal for removing tapes or under-eye pads.

Q: Which material is best for eyelash extension tweezers? A: Stainless steel is preferred for its durability, affordability, ease of cleaning, and anti-tarnish properties.

Other Popular Tweezers

  • CURVED EYELASH TWEEZERS: Multi-functional Use: Ideal for both volume and classic lash applications, and can also be used for isolation tasks. Curved Tweezers are specifically designed working in tight, hard to reach places.
  • VOLUME EYELASH EXTENSION TWEEZERS: The ultimate instrument for crafting flawless lash extensions and PMU procedures.

Must-Have for Trained Permanent Makeup Artists

Eyelash extension tweezers are indispensable for trained permanent makeup artists, offering the precision and control needed for flawless lash enhancements. They are popular tools in the PMU industry, ensuring stunning results with every application.


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Sky Yates
Sky Yates
Brilliant service, really happy with my eye brows. Did a brilliant job. Thank you Sandra
Lucia Chrenova
Lucia Chrenova
this woman has golden hands she made my eyebrows a miracle, I was afraid to let someone do my eyebrows, but I'm glad I found her Thank you so much hun ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
inga uznyte
inga uznyte
Labai nuostabi or profesionali meistre. Savo darba atliko nepriekaistyngai ir net is sudetingos situacija padare nuostabius antakiukus . Rekomenduojam 100 % .
rabbit25 rabbit25
rabbit25 rabbit25
Sandra is not only professional who knows how to do amazing brows but also she is wonderful person. She makes comfortable and relaxed atmosphere while doing her job. I recommend her 100%.
Rudolf Rostas
Rudolf Rostas
..Olga..Thank you best ... I'm so happy for my eyebrows ...
Julita D
Julita D
Amazing master, very kind, very professional. I did my eyebrows, it lasted me two years, amazing honestly!!! After 2 years I came back to done them again, very precise work, I am very happy and I highly recommend Sandra!!! Thank you so much for my perfect, beautiful eyebrows!

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